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Our Success Stories


“Before I started at “Fitness Forté” I was in a very bad condition, I was overweighed and I needed the motivation to go to the gym, I get bored easily and always I gave up after one or two weeks. My diet was so low in calories and I had no good results, I was stuck at the same weight, it was exhausting being on a diet and not seeing results. But everything changed when I entered Fitness Forté, I set my goals in nutrition, weight and health with Eoin and I signed up for 4 months. I was decided to give 110% of myself and be persistent. I was afraid because I am not an English speaker and it could be very hard for me (and for the trainers), but I was completely wrong, they have been so helpful for me. Now I am here 5 months later, I’ve worked very hard, not only inside the gym also in my nutrition to feel healthy, and I am going to work at the same level for the next months here in “Fitness Forté” in Swords with Keith and his amazing staff. I went down from 14 stones to 11 stones, my body fat went down in more than 7% and every part of my body has changed, even my face. I think I was in a lack of self-confidence, every time I approached a new workout my mind was saying “no, you can’t”, now it is so different, I know “I can”, and at least I know I can try it. I am happier now, not only because of the results, I feel better about myself because so many effort is giving good results. I am not the best, I know, but thanks to Fitness Forté I am changing in ways I couldn’t imagine. If you are committed to change definitely you need Fitness Forté.”

Since writing this testimonial, Candido has gone on to complete 3 more months at Fitness Forte, before sadly moving back to Spain. In that time Candido managed to lose another 1 stone/14 pounds off the scales and an incredible 5% bodyfat, reducing down to an amazing 16.5%.

To put some perspective on these achievements, Candido lost a whopping 50 pounds/ 3 1/2 stone. He also lost an incredible 12% bodyfat. But what is even more amazing is that he lost a full 12 inches or 1 foot off his waist. The photos speak for themselves!


“I have just finished the 6 week baby body fit formula challenge at Fitness Forte. I found the nutritional information great and it has definitely changed my eating habits for the better. The classes are really good and I found all the trainers very approachable and encouraging. I feel so much better in myself having successfully completed the challenge and it was great to have classes you can bring your baby to!”


“I just lost 27lbs and 6.75% body fat on the 6 Week transformation program. From day 1 Keith and the team were brilliant, loads of advice, both nutritional and exercise wise. Classes were small so felt very personal, never got boring as the workouts changed regularly. Highly recommended.”


“Just completed a 6 week challenge at Fitness Forte. Delighted with the results. I never thought I’d look forward to going to the gym- particularly not for 6 am sessions – but have really enjoyed the programme. The simple clear message about food certainly changed my mindset and is very sustainable. The trainers are great, 5 stars without a doubt.”


“I am very happy to train with fitness forte. The trainer there are really friendly and nice and they care about you. I really enjoy every single session here. Highly recommended to train with them.”


“So happy with Fitness Forte & the 6 week challenge. I didn’t really think I could change much in 6 weeks but lost 19lbs through nutrition changes and 3 weeks of training (I have an ongoing back injury and could only train for the first 3 weeks)! The coaches are very supportive and encouraging. Thanks guys !”


“I’d highly recommend Fitness forte, in particular their 6 week challenge that I completed. It is an intimate and personal studio where the trainers continuously supervise and improve your form and weight level to insure you get maximum results. it is almost like a 1:1 training that you would get nowhere else.”


“Just finished the initial 6 week program with great results. Yes it is all down to the individuals desire to change that gets results but the support from Keith, Karen, Eoin and Brendan in Fitness Forte is invaluable. From dietary advice, to correct technique in the gym, motivation to push to the last rep and just an ear to listen when the going is getting tough. Give your self a six week window with as little as possible on and it’s amazing how quickly the time goes and results will be in the bag. My initial success, 20.4 lbs weight drop, has encouraged me to continue for the next 6 months to get to a target weight and fitness I will be content with!!


“I have been training in Fitness Forte with my Personal Trainer Keith for 6 months now and I can definitely say I’m ”Over the moon”. I have successfully lost 21lbs, 15 inches, and 8% body fat.For a long time I’ve tried diets and exercise but always fell off the band wagon. Not Anymore! I now really enjoy exercise. Keith encourages and supports us all the time. Between the exercise and healthy eating I never get bored. It’s great fun, I feel great and I’m looking forward to achieving more results!”