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In our Drogheda branch, we offer a large group workout. There is a Personal Training Coach guiding each and every workout and ensuring you are performing every exercise safely and correctly, giving you the encouragement needed to get the best out of every workout.

Small Group Personal Training Designed For Optimum Results

Our full body workouts are designed to give you the best workout possible and we cater for individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced.

Workout alongside like minded individuals. We have found this helps hugely with motivation and accountability

Flexible exercise schedule to tie in with your busy calendar. Use our app to conveniently book into each workout

Full support throughout with nutrition and mindset so you are always focused and in the right frame of mind

No boring meal plans and flexible meal timing to fit in with your busy lifestyle

Regular check-ins and measurements throughout the duration of your time with us

Non-stop support from our amazing team through our private members group on Facebook

We are going to help you achieve the goals you are looking for, but our REAL aim is to give you the confidence needed to feel more empowered and give you the control of your life you’ve always wanted.